Adhd psychology research paper

In my book, "Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind" I explain how people like the famous artist Vik Muniz, the iconic chef Jonathan Waxman and the legendary Steve Jobs, all had dabbling histories that made their lives that much richer. For Muniz, early career shifts allowed him to keep moving without being paralyzed. For Waxman, first a musician, then a chef, his latest food venture in musical capital, Nashville, Tennessee, brings it all together. And for Jobs, his early calligraphy class had no significance to him when he took it, yet he later used this when developing fonts for Apple. In fact, even hobbies can protect your brain , especially if you engage in them an hour a day.

The researchers used data from a nationally representative sample of over 11,000 children gathered in the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study’s Kindergarten Cohort of 1998-1999.  Children included in the study were from one of four racial groups: White/Non-Hispanic, Hispanic, Black/Non-Hispanic, and Asian.  Using data from both kindergarten and third grade for the students, they collected information on spanking, child externalizing behaviors (., arguing and fighting), and parent background (., family income-to-needs, parent education, marital status, and employment status). 

Attention deficit disorder has been around a lot longer than most people realize. In fact, a condition that appears to be similar to ADHD was described by Hippocrates, who lived from 460 to 370 BC. The name attention deficit disorder was first introduced in 1980 in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. In 1994 the definition was altered to include three groups within ADHD: the predominantly hyperactive-impulsive type; the predominantly inattentive type; and the combined type (in the DSM-5, these are now referred to as “presentations”).

Adhd psychology research paper

adhd psychology research paper


adhd psychology research paperadhd psychology research paperadhd psychology research paperadhd psychology research paper