Ccea ict gcse coursework

Wallace can also boast of scholarly success for our sportsmen and women. Our representative male hockey players (Craig Getty, Jacob Hermon, Scott McCabe, Andrew O’Hare and Jordan Taggart) attained 100% A* to B with Head Boy Jordan attaining 4A* grades. Our girls’ hockey captain Jane Kilpatrick attained 2 A* grades and an A whilst Ulster rugby star Jonathan Hunter gained 2 A grades and a B. Rugby captain Gary Dillon capped his school career with 2 A grades and a B. Other notable Wallace sports stars in such diverse sports as netball, judo and swimming achieved top grades and their first choice university place. The rigour of training coupled with challenging school work meant these young people had to learn the invaluable skill of time management which will stand them in good stead. The Principal noted:

A Level students often apply to universities before they have taken their final exams, with applications administered centrally through UCAS . British universities (including Scottish universities, which receive many applicants taking A Levels) consider GCSEs, AS-level results, predicted A Level results, and extracurricular accomplishments when deciding whether applicants should be made an offer through UCAS. These offers may be 'unconditional', guaranteeing a place regardless of performance in A2 examinations. Far more often, the offers are conditional on A level grades, and become void should the student fail to achieve the marks expected by the university (for example, conditional offer of three A Levels at grades B-B-C). [21] Universities may specify which subjects they wish these grades to be in (for example, conditional offer of grades A-A-B with a grade A in Mathematics). [21] The offer may include additional requirements, such as attaining a particular grade in the Sixth Term Examination Paper . The university is obliged to accept the candidate if the conditions are met, but is not obliged to reject a candidate who misses the requirements. Leniency may in particular be shown if the candidate narrowly misses grades.

Ccea ict gcse coursework

ccea ict gcse coursework


ccea ict gcse courseworkccea ict gcse courseworkccea ict gcse courseworkccea ict gcse coursework