Christian worldview essay

Some ministry workers say they find Chinese students’ lack of experience with religion an advantage because it makes them more receptive to the gospel.  By contrast, India, which accounts for percent of the total number of foreign college and university students in the United States — second only to China — is already full of diverse, thriving, and freely practiced religions. Hon Eng, an InterVarsity minister and a religion life advisor at Columbia who has also worked at NYU, said the Indian students he’d seen come to study in the United States usually stick with their original belief system, be it Hinduism, Sikhism, or Jainism. Similarly, students from places like South Korea (comprising percent of foreign students at . colleges and universities) and Taiwan (comprising percent) have often already been exposed to Christianity back home.

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Christian worldview essay

christian worldview essay


christian worldview essaychristian worldview essaychristian worldview essaychristian worldview essay