Computing msc dissertation

Miles of pebble beaches, hundreds of bars, restaurants and clubs, a packed calendar of culture, music and sport and great independent and high street shopping attract visitors from all over the world. By the end of your course you’ll still be finding new things to enjoy about the city.
The Brighton Festival, England’s largest arts festival, takes place every May – as does the Great Escape Europe’s leading industry showcase for new music, 300 bands perform over three days at venues across the city. Major events celebrate Pride, digital culture, cinema, photography, food and the winter solstice. Our own Brighton Graduate show is a highlight, turning the university into the largest exhibition space in the south east as we celebrate the outstanding creativity of our students.

Project Management  provides an in-depth understanding of what project management involves. The module will equip you with an awareness that projects have to be managed effectively if they are to succeed and that project management is a complex activity and demands a professional approach. Emphasis is placed on the importance of project planning, monitoring and control in the management of large scale projects. The module not only explores the techniques which can be applied, and the tools which can be used, but also the ‘softer’ human factors which must be taken into account in managing large project teams such as people management and team leadership.

Computing msc dissertation

computing msc dissertation


computing msc dissertationcomputing msc dissertationcomputing msc dissertationcomputing msc dissertation