Controversial pop culture essay topics

Matthew ‘Mancow’ Muller has been vomiting controversy through the airwaves since his inaugural season as a disc jockey on KYLD-FM back in ’93. Of his numerous stunts and skits, the couple of shit storms that really stand out include his blocking of an entire freeway whilst he gave his buddy a haircut – emulating rumors surrounding Bill Clinton at the time, who reputedly held traffic up for an hour while receiving his very own barnet-amendment aboard Air Force One. For the incident Mancow was prosecuted, but it didn’t seem to curb his enthusiasm for trouble making. He memorably spent ludicrous hours of airtime bullying Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, resulting in fans turning up at Durst’s shows with hatred-infused placards and leading him to storm offstage. Can’t say we blame Mancow. Top of the class!

They aren’t aliens. They are the fallen angels coming back to earth to try and reclaim it. The technology that they have given our governments is not new. It has all been done before, which is why there was a flood, to wipe away the genetic experiments they produced on the earth. Now we have articles of scientists trying to make chickens into dinosaurs by muting certain traits and enhancing others. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to believe the earth is round. If everyone knew the earth was flat then they would know that space isn’t what we think it is and aliens couldn’t exist.

After covering the Vogue March issue, Lady Gaga is now covering the May issue of the Harper's Bazaar magazine which is set to hit the newsstands on April 26. Combining eccentricity with elegance, the diva manages to be as surprising as always in the photo shoot lensed by Terry Richardson. Sporting an interesting new look that includes bones that protrude from various body areas, the 25 year old star does her best to explain this unusual choice: "Well, first of all, they’re not prosthetics. They’re my bones. They’ve always been inside of me, ... Read More

Controversial pop culture essay topics

controversial pop culture essay topics


controversial pop culture essay topicscontroversial pop culture essay topicscontroversial pop culture essay topicscontroversial pop culture essay topics