Define race ethnicity essay

Any of several extensive human populations associated with broadly defined regions of the world and distinguished from one another on the basis of inheritable physical characteristics, traditionally conceived as including such traits as pigmentation, hair texture, and facial features. Because the number of genes responsible for such physical variations is tiny in comparison to the size of the human genome and because genetic variation among members of a traditionally recognized racial group is generally as great as between two such groups, most scientists now consider race to be primarily a social rather than a scientific concept.

Take the Caucasian (., Caucasoid) race . The physical characteristics of Caucasians were described by M. A. MacConaill, an Irish anatomy professor, as including "light skin and eyes, narrow noses, and thin lips. Their hair is usually straight or wavy." Caucasians are said to have the lowest degree of projection in their alveolar bones that contain the teeth, a notable size prominence of the cranium and forehead region, and a projection of the midfacial region. A person whose appearance matches these characteristics is said to be a Caucasian. Caucasians don't always have white skin but in the United States "caucasian" is commonly used to mean white people.

To promote diversity and inclusion within the legal profession, we have instituted our Law Department Policy for the Selection of Legal Services .

We also support the implementation of the American Bar Association Resolution 113  to expand and create opportunities for diverse attorneys through a variety of initiatives, including adaptation of the ABA’s Model Diversity Survey to collect information about the firms and lawyers we engage.

Using the information provided in the surveys, we use a weighted formula to generate a Diversity Index Score (“DIS”) that numerically measures diversity of their . offices in the following categories: minorities (ethnic/racial), LGBT, and women. This initiative provides a baseline for us to measure our progress towards diversifying outside counsel and the progress firms are making each year. Those firms that earn a DIS above the median in comparison to their peers are recognized at our Outside Counsel Diversity Recognition Day held at PepsiCo’s Headquarters in Purchase, New York. At our recent Recognition Day in April, we recognized 16 law firms who had some of the best metrics and demonstrated an exceptional commitment to diversity and inclusion through qualitative efforts. Take a look at the recap video: PepsiCo Outside Counsel Diversity Recognition Day.

Furthermore, we are proud to honor our former general counsel Larry Thompson by launching a summer fellowship designed to promote diversity in the legal profession and advance PepsiCo’s commitment to supporting the development of professionals from diverse backgrounds. To learn more about this program, watch our video .

Define race ethnicity essay

define race ethnicity essay


define race ethnicity essaydefine race ethnicity essaydefine race ethnicity essaydefine race ethnicity essay