Essay lingkungan hidup

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Indonesia’s export figures show that, in the five years before 2002, it shipped at least 150 million tons of sea sand to Singapore in total. But the black market probably accounts for at least double this figure: In 2003, smugglers excavated and shipped an estimated 300 million cubic meters of sand, worth $ billion. In 2007, following Malaysia’s lead, the Indonesian parliament issued a blanket ban on sea sand exports. It was completely ignored, even by the Indonesian government. Over the past five years, a further 24 islands are believed to have disappeared under the waves. Even if officials were serious about stamping out the trade, it’s simply too easy to steal sand from Indonesia’s thousands of miles of unguarded coastlines. All any would-be thief has to do is pick a remote spot where large and loud dredging equipment won’t be easily spotted and work quickly under the cover of darkness. They can return to Singapore safely within a matter of hours and, using forged documents, unload the cargo.

Essay lingkungan hidup

essay lingkungan hidup


essay lingkungan hidupessay lingkungan hidupessay lingkungan hidupessay lingkungan hidup