Essay on today's economy

In sum, in the Axiomatic age the science of economics will take the Objective of the Dogma as its end, and the maintenance of its necessary Conditions as its purpose. As this Essay shows, that must mean an attempt to design and construct frugal economic systems and structures to minimise the time and effort spent by humanity in the production of its material needs. That will be achieved both by a reversal of our present effort to expand the range and quantity of material goods consumed by our species, and by an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of our productive processes. That exercise will be coupled with a determination that we should henceforward abandon our existing tendency to focus on activities whose effect is to reduce the total amount of economic resources available for our use. It will be replaced by an attempt to maximise the amount of time and energy we are able to devote to the growth of our knowledge, and to our intellectual and creative activities. That is a change in approach to our economic activity truly justifying its description as a transformation.

Educated people are health conscious and live longer than their counterparts because they engage in healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and going for medical check ups. By investing in education, one will also be investing in their health. Education serves to create room for technological advancements in the field of medicine and agriculture. Advanced technology used for conducting surgery has replaced traditional methods. This has seen an improvement in people’s general health and an increased life expectancy. Most developing countries have a low life expectancy compared to developed countries. This can be attributed to high illiteracy levels present in developing countries. This translates to poor health and poor eating habits.

Essay on today's economy

essay on today's economy


essay on today's economyessay on today's economyessay on today's economyessay on today's economy