Favorite tv programs essay

I like to watch Television. I used to watch cartoon programmes, general knowledge programmes and craft programmes. Among all ,I love the Programme ‘craft’, shown on the Kids Channel every day at 6 o’ clock in the evening. I am very fond of this Programme because they show how to make decorative items with the help of various things. With waste items like old newspapers, ice cream sticks, disposable plates and glasses, plastic bottles etc. The timing of this Programme is also suitable for me as it showed in evening. I made many things by learning through this Programme like plastic bottle castle, Ice cream sticks lamp etc. Everyone praised my efforts. I love this Programme and don’t miss even a single episode.

Upon those channels' incorporation in the listings, the outlined bullets that were originally used only for out-of-market television stations were also assigned to cable channels, containing three-letter abbreviations in a condensed typeface for identification; for example, "ESN" represented ESPN , "DSC" represented The Discovery Channel and "NIK" represented Nickelodeon / Nick at Nite ( E! and FX later became exceptions, as those channels were identified by two-character abbreviations); in certain cases, the abbreviation used (such as "AMC" for American Movie Classics , "TNT" for " Turner Network Television " and " MTV " for "Music Television") was that which the channel had already branded by (two pay cable networks, Cinemax and Showtime eventually rebranded in 1997 so that their respective TV Guide abbreviations – "MAX" and "SHO" – became the focal point of their logos).

Favorite tv programs essay

favorite tv programs essay


favorite tv programs essayfavorite tv programs essayfavorite tv programs essayfavorite tv programs essay