Franklin crabbe essay

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In 1979 his farm was bought off him to form part of the Ciskei and he very sadly was forced into early semi-retirement and moved to Port Alfred until his death. TINKLER JOHN MICHAEL 1792 Deceased Novemebr 1958 whilst serving as second officer on the coaster . Congella. TIPPER WILLIAM LOTON 1383 Reported deceased. After Bothie joined Arden Hall Line October 1946. Unfortunately failed the eyestight test in 1948 and thereafter applied to join the Post Office in Port Elizabeth. TISSINK JOHANNES CORNELIS 2459 Previously sailed with Safmarine and Unicorn. 1981 joined the harbour service in Port Elizabeth. Did tours of duty in various ports before promoted pilot in Cape Town. Deceased 03/02/2008. TISSINK PETER MARINUS 2575 Left Safmarine in 1987 as C/O on Nederburg and joined Portnet Durban as mate on the tugs with Rob Reuvers and Peter Blackett. Moved back to Cape Town in 1990 as mate / master on Portnet tugs and then pilot. Got first pilots license in Cape Town in 1995 and left Portnet in 2001 for Ras Laffan, Qatar and I am still here as pilot with Rob De Koning playing with LNG carriers, tankers up to VLCC’s and now dry docks as well.

Franklin crabbe essay

franklin crabbe essay


franklin crabbe essayfranklin crabbe essayfranklin crabbe essay