Harvard essay outline format

A Harvard style essay is based on the Harvard Writing Style Format. It is a generic form which use the author/date style of writing in the text and bibliography or a reference list at the end of the essay. To create a successful essay of this type you should pay special attention to the creation of Harvard style headings. They should reflect the problem or the topic described in the essay, they should be short and extremely specific. Below you can find several pieces of advice following which you will get the highest mark for your essay.

Sport requires building your body in the best possible shape to effectively use its abilities for the specific activities. In that regards, health science is very important for professional sportsmen to prevent injuries and numerous issues related to muscles and diet, required to maintain healthy balance and optimize performance of the sportsmen. By applying the knowledge acquired about human’s body by health science through series of experiments and historical data, sportsmen can optimize their diet and at the same time avoid any negative effects of excluding certain ingredients from their daily ration (Peat 2001, p. 15).

Harvard essay outline format

harvard essay outline format


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