Honesty vs integrity essay

I originally found you through Penelope Trunk’s blog and I’ve also been reading your stuff on business insider. I LOVE this article. LOVE. I am more honest with people now than I was, even just a year ago, and this article made me feel better because I’m definitely losing friends, and family members definitely think I’m crazy. But your article is the truth behind why you do it, you get to a point where you just can’t take all the bullsh-t fake stuff anymore, although I hear you on the “honesty to a point” thing…there’s no reason to hurt people. But I’ve found that being more honest, when people aren’t use to me being so honest, they don’t take it as well as if I’d been honest all along. It’s like a shock to them and they don’t know how to deal. I think it’s kind of funny, only because I know what’s going on (and they don’t). Great article. Thank you

I am actually a bit confused about the Remarks section on the MSDN page you have linked because it says: " If the relationship has a referential integrity constraint, calling the Remove method on a dependent object marks both the relationship and the dependent object for deletion. ". This seems unprecise or even wrong to me because all three cases above have a " referential integrity constraint " but only in the last case the child is in fact deleted. (Unless they mean with " dependent object " an object that participates in an identifying relationship which would be an unusual terminology though.)

Honesty vs integrity essay

honesty vs integrity essay


honesty vs integrity essayhonesty vs integrity essayhonesty vs integrity essayhonesty vs integrity essay