Ielts essay leisure time

Hi sir, i would just like to say I admire you for being so helpful, taking time on posting educational materials to help your reader better understand ielts, to help them get their aimed band scores. I’ve been reading all your tweets and I find it really useful :)) I, however, Sir have taken the ielts 5 times now ( i’ve just recently viewed and studied your blog :)) ) but I’ve been patiently studyin, reading materials about ielts I don’t know what’s wrong πŸ™ sometimes when i’m at my lowest ( every 13th day after taking the ielts exams ) I questioned myself like, am i stupid or something i even go extreme like questioning God if he’s punishing me because he knows how badly i wanted this.. & taking it 5 times in a row can be really frustrating isn’t it well it really does for me ( God help me!! ) I really don’t know what to do anymore i don’t know if i should just stop taking it, because it’s obviously not for me even though i terribly need it πŸ™ i really don’t know what i know is i really don’t know how to make an essay & i have a pretty bad english πŸ™ i’m such a loser πŸ™ wasting a lot of money πŸ™ i can’t get in reading & both 7 in writing & speaking πŸ™ in all my attempts i’ve never achieved to pass any of those components, & the disturbing part is in my 4th attempt i got in both writing& speaking, so i thought that maybe in my 5th attempt i will finally get 7 but to my surprise i got lower than my previous scores .Anyway Sir, thank you and for for this. Sir what do you think i should do? Do you think i should stop taking? Do you think i should get english classes? I’m sorry to put you in this situation, its okay if you’re not comforable with my questions & prefer not to comment πŸ™‚ i know its too much..hehe πŸ™‚ but u really are my inspiration so that’s why i’m opening up to you and seek your advice πŸ™‚ have a good day Sir πŸ™‚

Nowadays, we are in the era of technology which has enormously advance in some certain ways. Apparently, everyone has a smartphone which enables each one to have the access to the one of the extraordinary inventions of the 21st century that is known as β€œInternet or World wide web”. We could enlighten ourselves with the vast knowledge base of internet irrespective of any discipline from all around the world. As far as TV is concerned, it has inevitable foot prints in everyone’s life as we have varieties of channels based on society requirements. TV has always provided us adequate knowledge of the other countries.

The overview contains only key features not all features. You select the main ones. So, for this table we select the items which were the most and least popular and we also mention the country which spent the most – possibly also the country that spent the least. Those are the key features. You shouldn’t mention other names or other information. Take a look at my other models for writing task 1 and you will see that the overviews only have key features which are chosen: http:///tag/model-task-1/
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Ielts essay leisure time

ielts essay leisure time


ielts essay leisure timeielts essay leisure timeielts essay leisure timeielts essay leisure time