Location essay

For my relationship, location-sharing simply helps reduce boring-ass communication with my partner. When you feel a pocket buzz and see your beloved’s name bubble appear, it’s nice to retain hope the message may hold a saucy photo —or at the very least, a sweet note—as opposed to an ETA demand. It’s nice. And honestly, if you’re dating someone hell bent on uncovering your heinous crimes against monogamy, fear not—they will find a way, with or without GPS tracking. During a custody trial, Dr. D’Arienzo says one defendant searched his wife’s iPhone heart rate records to determine exactly when she was boning other people during their marriage. “It was genius, though,” he says. “Because he knew when she worked out and when her heart rate would have been up. Then, when it wasn’t supposed to be up. … I know that’s something people never think about, their smartwatch or FitBit.” (We certainly will from now on, Dr. D'Arienzo.)

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Location essay

location essay


location essaylocation essaylocation essaylocation essay