Msc thesis on information security

To study for the MSc in Science you must normally hold a UK honours degree (or equivalent qualification) in science. If you have other study or experience that you believe equips you to take this qualification you can still apply, but must supply evidence of your study or experience. Your case will be referred to our MSc Admissions Panel. Depending on your previous qualifications or experience, some background study may be necessary to registering for this qualification or its constituent modules. If your first degree is not in a science subject, we would normally expect you to have completed at least 60 credits of science at FHEQ level 5, and 60 credits at FHEQ level 6, before you register for F12. For further advice, email the MSc Admissions Panel .

Semester 1 Theory @ UAQ
Semester 2 Numerics @ UHH
Semester 3 Applications @ 1 partner
 »  Mathematilcal models in life and social sciences @ UAQ
 »  Mathematical modelling and optimisation @ UAQ
 »  Stochastic modelling and optimisation @ UAB
 »  Adv. computational methods material science @ GUT
 »  Modelling and simulation of complex systems @ UHH
 »  Mathematical modelling applications to finance @ UNS
Semester 4 Thesis @ same as Sem3

Students will benefit from:

  • Free supportive short course tailored to students individual needs. This is a group of lectures/tutorials, provided as part of the independent learning on foundation topics such as electric circuits, 3-phase current, rotating machines, maths, and excel.
  • Free supportive English language module for International students
  • Seminars on Employability
  • Sites visits on UK renewable energy installations.
  • Variety in assessment for learning methods including: examination, coursework, tests, presentations, poster defence and written reports.
  Background Reading Some preparatory reading that may be of interest for this course includes the following:

Msc thesis on information security

msc thesis on information security


msc thesis on information securitymsc thesis on information securitymsc thesis on information securitymsc thesis on information security