National honor society essay samples

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Today, NAEHS has a full time director and staff to meet the needs of programs from Alaska to Maine and California to Florida. To help introduce this program to a larger national audience, the Company is offering a first year discount of 25% to all new chapters. This discount is also being offered to chapters that have been inactive for 3 or more years. Budgetary limits do not permit us to offer this discount to all existing customers. What we do offer to existing customers is a sincere thank you and our promise of continued excellent service.

Welcome to the official web site of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society – a national honor society designed exclusively for transfer students!  Our mission is to "recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfers students."  Tau Sigma provides its members opportunities to earn scholarships, attend leadership conferences, take leadership positions in the university, serve others at the university and in the community, all while developing friendships and becoming a more integral part of the university to which they transferred!

National honor society essay samples

national honor society essay samples


national honor society essay samplesnational honor society essay samplesnational honor society essay samplesnational honor society essay samples