Natural rubber thesis

So much fundamental work in chemistry had been carried out during the last two decades of the 19th century that, as stated by Westgren [1], "During the first few years the Academy was chiefly faced with merely deciding the order in which these scientists should be awarded the prize." For the first prize in 1901 the Academy had to consider 20 nominations, but no less than 11 of these named van't Hoff, who was also chosen by the Committee for Chemistry. van't Hoff had already during his thesis work in Utrecht in 1874 published his suggestion that the carbon atom has its four valences directed towards the corners of a regular tetrahedron, a concept which is the very foundation of modern organic chemistry. The Nobel Prize was, however, awarded for his later work on chemical kinetics and equilibria and on the osmotic pressure in solution, published in 1884 and 1886, when he held a professorship in Amsterdam. When he received the prize he had, however, left this for a position at Akademie der Wissenschaften in Berlin in 1896.

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Natural rubber thesis

natural rubber thesis


natural rubber thesisnatural rubber thesisnatural rubber thesisnatural rubber thesis