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The module provides students with the opportunity to extend and enhance their knowledge and understanding of assessment in Primary Education. The module will enable students to develop their knowledge and understanding of the range, purpose and impact of assessment throughout the primary curriculum. At the same time they will investigate and critically analyse methods, application and the influence of assessment practices on teaching and learning in Primary Education. Students will critically engage with the development of assessment, current policy, including Statutory requirements, and how international, national and school priorities impact upon classroom practice. The module also considers current trends and issues within the primary National Curriculum in England.

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The EYPS is the on the same professional level as with teachers who have a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). CWDC (2006) states that it is important to consider that the two qualifications are "both professional statuses but are based on different set of skills and knowledge". On the other hand newly qualified teachers (NQTs) are provided with support, personal mentoring, effective career development etc, as well as the opportunity to follow up by Continuous Professional Development (CPD) structure within the school year. They also have the opportunity to work effectively and focus on the highest levels of learning and pedagogy. In contrast EYPs have none of this support available to them at the current time. The pay for the EYPs is minimum as well as no structures or guidelines around conditions of service, support requirements, or ongoing CPD to maintain and build skill-levels. (Aspect: 2008).

Pgce essay help

pgce essay help


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