Postmodern gandhi and other essays

Jeyamohan's works like 'Kaadu' and 'Mathagam' feature elephants in central roles, while his biographical and travel essays capture the centrality of nature, ecology and conservation to the Indian way of life. One such true-life story on the conservationist Dr. V. Krishnamurthy (veterinarian) ('Dr K, the Elephant Doctor') sparked huge interest and discussion among readers on the impact of humans on forest life. Told in semi-fictional form as through the eyes of a forest ranger, the story follows Dr K as, despite having a giant reputation in the naturalist circles, he eschews human accolades and seeks a much more rewarding life in the company of animals in the Indian Forest Department's elephant camps. [33]

Once we replace the particle conception of matter in space and time with the wave structure of matter in space then we can easily see the error and how it is solved. Thus the two pure forms of sensible intuition, as principles of knowledge a priori , are namely Space and (wave) Motion . We must place in this a priori concept of Space the correct meaning - that Space is a wave-medium and contains within it a second thing, wave motions of space that form matter (. synthetic a priori knowledge - we must correctly define the properties of space which is a creative act, a synthesis of space and its wave motions that form matter).

Postmodern gandhi and other essays

postmodern gandhi and other essays


postmodern gandhi and other essayspostmodern gandhi and other essayspostmodern gandhi and other essayspostmodern gandhi and other essays