Protagonist essay

Tom had lost himself in the pulsing embers of the campfire. It was that time after sunset when the night became a solid presence punctuated by the rhythmic background sounds of the wilderness around him . The pink-blue tongues of flame curling off the glowing embers drew him in, teasing out dreams pushed aside and long forgotten.
A cough from the other side jerked him out of his reverie.
“Coffee?” asked Tracey. She gave him a look. “You’re much too quiet.”
“Blame it on all this.” He waved his arm around him, taking in the camping site, the forest surrounding them, and the mountain peaks beyond. “It does something to you.”
“I’m not falling for that. You were brooding over the past.”
He shook his head. As a detective he had to be ‘objective’ about his work, as
their chief always warned them. But after twenty years it had started getting
to him.
“How are things with Verna?”
“Fine,” he snapped. “Couldn’t be better.”
Tracey stood up and came to sit beside him, nudging up close. “Relax, Tom. Let go, just for these few days.”
The warmth of her closeness melted him inside. He could feel the tension oozing out his feet and fingertips. “Actually, Verna and I aren’t talking anymore.” He felt guilt well up as he uttered her name.
He shouldn’t be here, alone with Tracey. As work colleagues they’d become much too close.
She grabbed his arm and shook it. “Pull yourself out of it.”
He felt hot tears behind his eyes. The top detective in the force, his name was
being bandied about as the next commissioner, and here he was, cracking up.
Tracey, and the whole station, must know Verna had already left him.
The tough exterior he’d shown to the world was flaking off, layer by layer, exposing the sensitive soul it had hidden for so long. Verna had always seen beyond this tough mantle. Yet he’d refused to acknowledge his real self.
That was the Tom she’d married.

Skydance Productions announced in September 2013 that Terminator Genisys was intended to be the first film in a new stand-alone trilogy. Matt Smith's character, the T-5000, was set to appear in all three films of the new series. In September 2014, Paramount Pictures scheduled the release dates of May 19, 2017 and June 29, 2018 for the sequels to Genisys . [12] [13] Franchise creator James Cameron will acquire the rights back in 2019, as copyright reversion takes place after 35 years. Cameron will be the beneficiary of changes to the series. [14]

Protagonist essay

protagonist essay


protagonist essayprotagonist essayprotagonist essayprotagonist essay