Research paper americans disability act

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Educating Native Americans to read, write, and speak English caused a risk to the survival of their tribes because "when children no longer speak the language of their parents or grandparents, that language disappears"(Trout 588). In Luther Standing Bear's At Last I Killed a Buffalo, there is a description of how education in the Native American culture had once worked. "Native Americans have always educated their children and were taught skills for practical survival and producing artistic work and proper behavior for rituals and ceremonies" (Trout 589). Indians were content with their education, but after the Euro-American missionaries introduced Jesus Christ to them, the English language and American culture fell hard on them. The Native Americans were forced to learn a new way of life that completely disregarded their heritage. Several also struggled with identity and self-worth because they were introduced to this harsh environment at such a young age. They did not have the ability to see family members for months causing conflicting problems with their original culture. In Zitkala-Sa's The School Days of an Indian Girl, she speaks of how her happiness soon turned to sadness after her arrival at the school in the East. She was deaf to the English language and pleaded, "I want my mother and brother Dawee. I want to go to my aunt, but the ears of the palefaces could not hear me" (Zitkala-Sa 615). Upon returning home after three years, she felt she had no place and no one understood her feelings.

Research paper americans disability act

research paper americans disability act


research paper americans disability actresearch paper americans disability actresearch paper americans disability actresearch paper americans disability act