Research paper database security

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  Please note that these pages are no longer regularly maintained and, as a result, some of the information here is out of date. You might also be interested in visiting two of our related sites: the Personality Project provides additional and updated content on personality theory and the SAPA Project provides a free personality assessment that is based on modern personality models.

This study compared the tumor content, DNA yield, and NGS sequencing coverage of 100 matched FNA and CNB specimens.  Matched image-guided CNB and FNA specimens from 17 adenocarcinomas, four carcinomas not specified, two squamous cell carcinomas, and one melanoma. Two to three FNA specimens were obtained using 20-25 G needles under computed tomography (CT) or ultrasound guidance with a 17-19 G guide needle.  Three to four cores were obtained using the guide needle with a 16-20 G needle. The FNA was obtained first for most tumors but the CNB was obtained first for subcentimeter tumors. FNA specimens were smeared and Diff-Quik and Papanicolaou stained. CNB slides were prepared and H&E stained. Tumor fraction was determined independently by two cytopathologists and then reviewed together in cases with >10% discordance. DNA was extracted from tumor-enriched areas of smears and FFPE sections using PicoPure. DNA was quantified using Qubit. NGS was conducted on an Ion Torrent using the Ampliseq Cancer panel primers.

Research paper database security

research paper database security


research paper database securityresearch paper database securityresearch paper database securityresearch paper database security