Rguhs dental thesis topics

Microear surgeries, stapedectomy, conservative approach Mastoid explorations.
Ossiculloplasties ( Hearing Conservation Tympanoplasties), Ossicular Impants.
Ear Reconstructions.
Endoscopic sinus sugeries.
Endoscopic CSF Rhinorrhoea Repair.
Endonasal Pitutary Surgery, optiv nerve decompression, orbital decompression.
Endonasal management of orbital fractures.
Endonasal DCR.
Microlaryngeal Surgeries for voice Disorders.
Diagnostic and therapeutic laryngeal and bronchoscopic procedures.
Surgeries for Benign Neoplastic diseases of Head & Neck.

We regularly conduct NRP courses for the interns, postgraduates and nurses. We also conduct regular Lactation Management Workshops for nurses and postgraduates. Regular CMEs with national and international faculty are organized. Great importance is given to conducting various research projects in the unit. We have been deeply involved with training of community health workers in newborn care and neonatal resuscitation. We are collaborating with the Govt. of Karnataka in training and setting up SCNU in the districts as part of NRHM program and also in improving neonatal care along with KHPT in north Karnataka.

Rguhs dental thesis topics

rguhs dental thesis topics


rguhs dental thesis topicsrguhs dental thesis topicsrguhs dental thesis topics