Richard ii essays

The book became a keystone in the debate about the role of fathers in the 1990s . Richard Louv was asked to speak before the White House Domestic Policy Council and to the administrators of every federal agency, including all branches of the armed services. As part of a broader movement, FatherLove helped bring new attention to men as parents, led to reforms in how future government studies were conducted, the inclusion of fathers in parent leave policies, and how nonprofit and government programs incorporated men into their efforts to assist families. The author was asked to serve on the advisory board of Father-to-Father, a nonprofit established by Vice President Al Gore.

Richard II is in many ways a tragedy, and follows the traditional pattern of a hero who will fall. Thus throughout the play we are given images of Richard descending from his throne. This is first brought out in , where Richard tells Bolingbroke that, "We will descend and fold him in our arms" (). The act of descending for Bolingbroke is of course foreshadowing the actual plot, since later in the play Richard will literally be forced to descend the throne for Bolingbroke, who will ascend it. While the play focuses on Richard's descent, it also serves to illustrate Bolingbroke's ascent, which is from the bottom upwards. In fact, one of the reasons Richard gives for banishing Bolingbroke is his familiarity with the commoners. "Observed his courtship to the common people, / How he did seem to dive into their hearts" (-24). For Richard such descent to the common people would be unthinkable, but for Bolingbroke it is a stepping-stone on his path to the throne.

Richard ii essays

richard ii essays


richard ii essaysrichard ii essaysrichard ii essaysrichard ii essays