Scope of research paper

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Since their paper was published, the top statutory ordinary income tax rate has been raised from 35 percent to percent, and the top marginal effective federal income tax rate has increased further to percent. 13 Combined with the average state and local income tax rates they calculated, this implies a top total income tax rate of percent in 2013. 14 Their preferred estimate of the revenue-maximizing total top income tax rate is 73 percent, which suggests a revenue-maximizing top effective federal income tax rate of roughly percent, percentage points above the prevailing effective top rate. 15 This would imply that statutory federal income tax rates could be raised percentage points to percent before reaching the revenue-maximizing rate. 16 Their range of estimates depending on how narrow or broad the tax base is would imply revenue-maximizing top federal income tax rates between percent and percent. 17 While a small part of this range of estimates falls below the prevailing top tax rate, it is important to remember that both the 1) revenue-maximizing federal income tax rate given a revenue-maximizing total income tax rate and 2) revenue-maximizing total income tax rate given a specified elasticity are non-linear relationships, and their preferred estimate from the midpoint elasticity of is strong evidence that the revenue-maximizing top tax rate is on the high end of this range. Again, the important take-away from this range of estimates is that base-broadening (., eliminating exclusions, deductions, and credits) increases the revenue-maximizing tax rate, whereas base-broadening tax reform is all too often focused on reducing top marginal tax rates already below best estimates of the revenue-maximizing rate.

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Scope of research paper

scope of research paper


scope of research paperscope of research paperscope of research paperscope of research paper