Stanford electronic theses and dissertations

Exam Notes  functionality provides an automated mechanism for the Radiologist to communicate with other critical healthcare clinicians regarding specific exams for the patient. The communication occurs in the form of a documented electronic note. The intended use for  Exam Notes  are exchanges between Radiologists/Residents/Fellows and the Emergency Room Physicians. The intention is to provide the ability to create a preliminary  Exam Note  and attach it to a specific exam. The preliminary  Exam Note  is then viewable on any PACS workstation for other clinical team members’ review and preliminary treatment planning. Once a final report has been authenticated, the final report becomes the official reading/diagnosis from the Radiologist. This preliminary  Exam Notes  is in no way intended to be the final reading, or replace interactive dialogue between the Radiologist and the Emergency Physician.

The Application for Candidacy for a Doctoral Degree form specifies a departmentally approved program of study to fulfill degree requirements, including required course work, language requirements, teaching requirements, dissertation (final project and public lecture-demonstration for .), and University oral examination (for .). Prior to candidacy, at least 3 units of work must be taken with each of four Stanford faculty members. To reiterate, however, a student will only be admitted to candidacy if, in addition to the student's fulfilling departmental prerequisites, the faculty makes the judgment that the student has the potential to successfully complete the requirements of the degree program.

Stanford electronic theses and dissertations

stanford electronic theses and dissertations


stanford electronic theses and dissertationsstanford electronic theses and dissertationsstanford electronic theses and dissertationsstanford electronic theses and dissertations