Thesis driven essay conclusion

The account of World War II made slightly more interesting by author’s preposterous account of its origins. According to Zinn, suggests that America, not Japan, was to blame for Pearl Harbor, provoking the Empire of the Sun and forcing it to attack us. It’s the devil made them do it theory of history, which is great fallback position of the left when confronted with the imperialistic aggressions of “people of color.” Like the war to end slavery, the fight against fascism was an optical illusion. It was really a struggle by American capitalists to rule the world. Regarding America’s neutrality in the Spanish Civil War, which preceded World War II, Zinn asks: “Was it the logical policy of a government whose main interest was not stopping Fascism but advancing the imperial interests of the United States? For those interests, in the thirties, an anti-Soviet policy seemed best. Later, when Japan and Germany threatened . world interests, a pro-Soviet, anti-Nazi policy became preferable.”

The second target audience was the British Parliament. By putting blame on the king, and delivering eloquent arguments on freedom and democracy, they were hopeful that the British would support the Americans. This won support of some of the British Parliamentarians, such as Edmund Burke. The third intended audience included the peoples of the world, particularly European nations that were at odds with the British, in an attempt to convince them to support the revolution. The Declaration of Independence did, in fact, affect the American allies: Spain, France, and the Dutch Republic.

Organizational behavior is based upon four cardinal frameworks namely custodial, supportive, custodial, and collegial (Phillips and Gully, 56). Autocratic organizational behavior rests on managerial inclination of authority. The team or people being led depend heavily on the leader and their job desires being satisfied are subsistence. The mental outcome for employees is absolute dependence on the boss, leader who has the capability to hire and hire. This model is typified by low wage-payment since no attention is given to workers. Autocratic models have been noted to have minimal performance result.

Thesis driven essay conclusion

thesis driven essay conclusion


thesis driven essay conclusionthesis driven essay conclusionthesis driven essay conclusionthesis driven essay conclusion