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If your U-PASS sticker was stolen you will be required to purchase a replacement at the InfoLink ONEcard Service Centre in HUB Mall at the pro-rated cost listed above.

You will then need to file a police report with the RCMP or Edmonton Police Service with a detailed description of what happened. It is very important that the narrative section of the report be completed fully with a thorough description of the theft.  Bring a copy of the filed police report with the detailed description to the Dean of Students Office for review and consideration for a possible refund of the replacement cost.

There’s a lot going on here, and there isn’t a paragraph in Gleick’s book without good sentences and fascinating information. I have to admit, though, that I also found something frustrating in the experience of grappling with these ideas. After reading Time Travel twice, I’ve come to the conclusion that my difficulties are not so much with the book as with the subject itself. As a lifelong fan of science fiction, I’ve always found time travel one of the least satisfying of the genre’s preoccupations, or devices, or subgenres. Like Rian Johnson, I don’t want to be making diagrams with straws. The central myth of most time-travel fictions, in which a hero tries to avoid a fate and by doing so causes that very same fate to be fulfilled, is one I’ve read and seen too often.

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Thesis teasers one per row

thesis teasers one per row


thesis teasers one per rowthesis teasers one per rowthesis teasers one per row