Writing an undergraduate dissertation

The Vice Provost works closely with the deans and faculty of the individual schools and colleges and with the Undergraduate Academic Council in developing, coordinating, and implementing undergraduate academic policy and curricula. The Vice Provost oversees the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Honors College, the General Education Program, the Writing and Critical Inquiry Program, the Office of Transfer Student Services, the Student Engagement Initiative, the Center for Achievement, Retention, and Student Success (CARSS), and the Advisement Services Center. The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education also provides coordination of and advisement for: independent study; student-initiated interdisciplinary majors and minors; interdisciplinary courses; and the NYS Senate and Assembly Internship as well as other University-wide internships. The Office coordinates with the Office of Access and Academic Enrichment, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Registrar's Office, and other University offices to implement changes in academic policies and curricula, and to this end it publishes the Undergraduate Bulletin each year.

This is a year-long optional module in the Creative Writing field. It provides an opportunity for students to challenge their work in each form (Prose, Poetry, Drama) by reading experimental writing within and across genres and traditional form boundaries, and to produce a portfolio of work that engages with experiments of their own. It will follow a lecture/seminar format, with some small-group workshops and tutorials, as well as an online forum for peer review. It may be of interest to students wishing to engage in experimental writing in a sympathetic environment.

The Office of Undergraduate Research sponsors up to two research awards for outstanding research completed by students in English. Recipients must be English majors conducting research within the discipline, apply to present their research at the Undergraduate Research Colloquium, and be directed by a member of the faculty (the faculty mentor will need to provide a letter of support to accompany the nomination form). More information on the awards, including eligibility and nomination and submission instructions, is available here . Students are encouraged to nominate themselves for the award. The deadline for submission is March 1, 2013.

Writing an undergraduate dissertation

writing an undergraduate dissertation


writing an undergraduate dissertationwriting an undergraduate dissertationwriting an undergraduate dissertationwriting an undergraduate dissertation